5 Crazy Fan Stories – Fans Which Do Incredible and Silly Things

Fans can make a sport even more interesting than the athletes themselves. Everybody knows of the crazy soccer fans in Europe which are to an extent challenged by the crazy football and ice hockey fans in the Americas. Fans tend to go overboard when they do things which may seem pretty strange for…

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The Psychology Behind Fan Culture and Football Obsession

Sports have fans which is pretty normal. Whether you cheer for an athlete or a team, you are a fan. You do not have to be a very avid or passionate fan, in the sense that you take every bad hit or toss or play to heart. But some fans are. There is…

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The 4 Rules of Being a True Sports Fan

Sports have some crazy rules when it comes to the matches and fouls. Some sports have ridiculous rules which people often laugh about when they first hear them. Even sports fans have their own rules. Some rules are unwritten, actually, most of them are. This is why you should know some of them…

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