Everybody who likes sports and watches sports has thought about betting on a sport once or twice. Some people bet for a living while others prefer betting as a hobby. Some bet only once and never again. Yet, for the newcomer bettors, finding the right sport to bet on can be a challenge. Some prefer to do it offline, while others, who are intent on betting online may visit many a website in order to see the betfair promotion code offer so that they can use it.

People either bet emotionally, on their favorite teams and players, or with a lot of research, betting on the sports that make the most sense. But, which ones should you bet on? Here is a little guide on the top sports to bet on.

Soccer – The Most Popular Sport on the Planet

Soccer is one of those sports that is very popular in Europe and all over the world, actually. There are matches on an almost daily basis, because there are so many leagues playing at once. Being so popular, you are likely to find a match to bet on. The only problem with soccer is that the odds are often very neatly calculated, it being the most popular sport. That means that you are unlikely to find favorable odds if you try different sportsbooks. If games are all that you want, and a little excitement, soccer is perfect as a betting sport.

Horse Racing – Excitement and Speed

Horse races do not last long, but they surely are among the most exciting things to observe as a spectator who has their money at stake. Horse racing is very popular as a betting sport, meaning that you will have people to talk to about the various nuances of the sport. This is one of the original betting sports, and is great if you want to feel the culture.

On the other hand, betting on the right horse and jockey takes a lot of knowledge and research. It is not one of those sports where you can just bet on the favorite and be done with it (though most sports are not like that, to be fair).

MMA – UFC and Other MMA Tournaments

MMA has become very popular in recent years. This means a lot of money is being poured into the sport, particularly the UFC and similar tournaments.

Fighters, especially the star ones, get lots of money from sponsors, and spectators pour their money, sometimes betting on the one they want to win, sometimes betting against the fighter they dislike.

It has some interesting bets such as a method of victory, which can make the entire match more exciting.

Esports – Games Galore

Esports has plenty of titles you can bet on, from CS: GO to Rainbow Six, Valorant, League of Legends, Dota 2 and many more titles. Esports is interesting because matches are on almost all the time. Now, depending on your knowledge of the games and teams, you could find great betting opportunities here. Esports is not as developed as regular sports so the odds might be in favor of a more knowledgeable punter.

These are the top sports to bet on. There are many more, so be sure to do your research on time and remember to bet responsibly.