Sports are amazing in the sense that they sometimes bring emotions from people, emotions that they never thought they could have. Someone not watching sports at all could easily be caught up with a group cheering for a team and join in the fun and passion. It can overtake you in a second.

Sports fans are known for many things, from passion to aggression and anything in between. But each sport has its own set of fans. Some can be nice, while others tend to set things on fire and resort to vandalism when unhappy.

Here are the best fans according to the sport they cheer for as well as some criteria as to what we consider the best to be.

Soccer Fans – Aggressive, Passionate and Sometimes, Dangerous

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and as such, it tends to attract many fans. Fans of this sport can get really heated when their favorite teams lose or if the opposing team is a rival. During such matches, armored police officers are often in attendance, making sure to keep things as cool as possible.

The English Premier League is known for having some of the most passionate sports fans. Soccer fans from Eastern Europe also tend to go over the top when their teams start losing. Be on the watch for any notable soccer games when travelling Europe.

Tennis Fans – Usually Polite, Lovely and Unbiased

Tennis is considered a gentleman’s sport yet it is not always so, at least when you look at the fans. Tennis often has fans who display their affection during matches, in a relatively polite way. Yet in recent years, tennis had some fans who were provoking players who they dislike. Some go as far as verbally interrupting players during a serve ball toss. There were times when the referee would have to signal security to escort a fan off the venue. 

But, when they are not acting out, tennis fans often cheer for both the players, particularly if a good rally or play is made. The opponents also tend to applaud a good play.

Ice Hockey Fans – Passion Without the Aggression

The NHL is very popular in the United States and Canada. It is one of those sports which is very aggressive and entertaining.

The fans are also quite dedicated. They often cheer for a single team and they stick by that team no matter how bad they are doing. Hockey fans tend to be hockey fans alone and dedicate as much effort into it as a fan can (while also living a normal life). They are passionate but without the violent tendencies one might see in some really extreme soccer fans.

Football Fans – They Know Everything

Football fans tend to be dedicated to their team in a way similar to hockey fans. They also tend to know a lot about their teams, much like historians would. Such a passion is rare and watching football games may seem violent, but the fans are meeker. All the action should be on the field, and not in the stands and outside, in pubs.

Fans should be passionate but not aggressive, respectful, but still not afraid to cheer. No sport has perfect fans, but each sport has plenty of them, diverse as we humans tend to be.