Sports have some crazy rules when it comes to the matches and fouls. Some sports have ridiculous rules which people often laugh about when they first hear them. Even sports fans have their own rules. Some rules are unwritten, actually, most of them are. This is why you should know some of them before you consider becoming an avid sports fan and engaging in a community.

Here are some rules that most sports fans adhere to.

Cheering For Your Home City Team

If your city or town has a home team for various sports, you have to cheer them on. That is normal, even if they are playing your favorite team from your country or another country. You have to support your home team, no matter the circumstances. If they are playing your favorite team from your own country, then just enjoy the match. Domestic matches can be really entertaining.

Do Not Bandwagon – Cheering for the Currently Winning Team is Prohibited!

Bandwagoners are probably the worst kind of sports fans. I cannot support my team anymore, they keep losing. Then you are not there for the team, you are there for the victories. Sure, it helps to identify with someone who is winning, it helps out. But life isn’t like that.

Once you choose your team, stick to it. Leaving a team as a fan is okay if the reasons are on moral grounds or something similar. But switching teams from a losing one to a winning one is pretty bad in the world of sports fans.

Favorite Players Switching Teams Does not Make You That Team’s Fan

So, Ronaldo moved to Juventus, and you are not by that law a Juventus fan. You are still a Real Madrid fan, because you were there before Ronaldo, and you support the team, no matter who plays for them. The same goes for esports, Rekkles leaves Fnatic and even though he was there for 8 years, you still support Fnatic.

So, the principle is simple: you cheer for the team, not the star player. Once the player moves, good luck, but your team is still your team.

You Changed Locations – Your Team is Still Your Team

Even when moving to another city or country, you are not allowed to switch teams. This is a bit tricker for some fans. They try to find ways to wiggle out of it, but it is futile. Your hometown team is still your hometown team. If you didn’t cheer for any team prior to moving, then you can pick your team, especially if it is in the city where you live at the moment. 

There are some rules about family members playing in a different team than the one you are cheering for and in those cases, exceptions are allowed. 

These are some of the unwritten rules (well, they are written now, apparently) that every sports fan, new fans in particular, should follow. Keep them in mind and you will become a proper sports fan.