Every sport has its favorite teams, athletes and individuals. From the Premiership’s Manchester to Barcelona in La Liga, to the Lakers and Bulls in the NBA, each sport has a favorite. Yet, every sport also has multiple teams playing at the top, but who might not be as famous.

The Minnesota Vikings are one of those teams which might not be the first ones to come to mind when thinking about the NFL. But, they will always be the first team in the hearts of their fans. Here is a bit about the Vikings’ history and why they might be the team to cheer for, if you are not already a fan.

The Vikings’ Start of NFL Journey

Back in 1959, a couple of businessmen were awarded a franchise spot in the then American Football League. Then, in 1960, the then owners of the club, forfeited their spot in the AFL and got a spot in the NFL (they were separate at that point).

The Vikings played their first match on September 17, 1961. It was a rather spectacular show, where Fran Tarkenton scored 4 touchdowns and made plenty more plays. He was a rookie at the time.

They beat the Chicago Bears 37-13, which in football terms is a very decisive and one-sided victory.

Tarkenton was inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1986. He was the first Vikings player to be inducted.

The Middle Years – Trophies

After their initial years, the Vikings got Bud Grant in 1964. They got a lot better from that point and onwards. They won the NFL Championship in 1969. They won 11 titles, division ones, over a 13 year period. This made their 70s and 80s a very successful time, a great one if you are a Vikings fan. Following Bud’s departure as head coach in 1985, the Vikinds had not find as much success as they hoped to.

The Vikings are the team with the highest overall and combined team in the regular season never to have won a Super Bowl. They are also the first team regarding the number of playoff losses, 30.

Tiger Girl, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Fans and Chants – And Rivals

The Vikings fans are very passionate. They are openly aggressive towards rival teams, which is not the case with all fans. The rivals of the Vikings are often considered the Chicago Bears, the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. They have a heated history with their rivals, which only makes the rival matches that much more explosive and important.

The first and most notable team song is Skol, Vikings. Skol comes from Skal, a Danish and Norwegian word for “cheers” or “good health”, which is often said prior to drinking, as is customary in most cultures.

The Vikings are The Vikes, the Purple and Gold, The Purple People Eaters, an NFL team from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their name is purple and gold and their logo is a viking, with a blonde beard and a helga hat. The Vikings are a historic NFL team with plenty of passionate fans. They might just get another fan after this introduction.